Project management

It is used for planning and realization of complex construction projects, which are supervises the specified parameters - the goals, costs and deadlines

Project management of constructions is used to plan and implement complex construction projects, overseeing the set parameters - objectives, costs and deadlines. Once the scope, unusualness, complexity, difficulty or riskiness of the project exceeds a certain level, they need to be effectively managed.

We offer two types of project management of constructions:

Project management

is used for constructions mainly performed by a higher (general) contractor.

Advantages of the service:

- we provide the Client with a qualified management team
- we represent the Clients in all phases of the construction (preparation, execution, completion),
- the whole system of management, communication, coordination and control is taken over by the project manager's team.


Construction management

is an extended form of project management. It consists in the division of the building between multiple contractors, whilst the project manager's team provides direct management and control of the construction work. Therefore, it selects the individual contractors and controls and coordinates them in accordance with the logic of the whole construction.

Advantages of the service:

- saves time especially in the preparatory phase of the construction, as the construction can be started before
   the project documentation is completed
- financial savings (especially in the absence of the completion surcharges of higher building contractors
   on each individual subcontractor)
- possibility to actively influence the composition of contractors and thus the quality of the whole project









Jan Hršel
Director of the Project Management Division

CCACET 2000 Authorization - field of building construction
Work experience:
since 2001 - K4
1997 - 2001 - Bovis Lend Lease
1993 - 1997 - self employed
1981 - 1993 - SPORTPROJEKT Praha


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