We participate in the creation of the new design bank branches Česká spořitelna

Through our several years of successful cooperation in design and architectural works for the client Česká spořitelna. We were approached us along with Austrian architects began work on a new design of bank branches.

The new design bank branches of the Česká spořitelna

Activities in the new design, we started in 2016 in cooperation with the Austrian architects of the INNOCAD architecture. Since then, this new design offices already applied in the implementation of several branches. The creation of the new design bank branch continues in 2017.

Demonstration of the new design bank branches of Česká spořitelna are:

- Česká spořitelna - Main Station in Prague
- Česká spořitelna - OC Metropole, Prague
- Česká spořitelna - Aupark Hradec Kralove

Design, engineering and architectural services for our client Česká spořitelna we provide since 2013.

ČS_Hlavní nádraží_New design_01
ČS_Hlavní nádraží_New design_06
ČS_Hlavní nádraží_New design_02
ČS_Hlavní nádraží_New design_04