Jan Hübner: K4 SPACE will benefit from my experiences with fit-outs

The company K4 a.s. started a new brand called K4 SPACE in 2020 and our old-new colleague Jan Hübner became in charge of it. We were interested, how he grew up in his career and how he can use those experiences to benefit the K4 company.

Jan, how did you enter the year 2021?
Right foot and with Covid. I managed to get infected at the end of the year, so the Christmas holidays dragged on. Fortunately, I had only a slight course.

You have worked at K4 once, more than 16 years ago. Have you returned to the same company, or is it different in your eyes? How would you describe the differences?
The company is quite the same. The size is not very different from what I left in 2004 and the atmosphere is similarly "family". To my surprise, a lot of people who were here years ago are still here.

Why did you leave K4?
I wanted to try something new. It has always been my goal to learn as much as possible at work. So I joined CTP Invest, where I worked as a project manager on the construction of industrial zones and later office buildings. Then I spent 10 years in one of the largest European developers HB Reavis, first in Prague as a construction manager, then 5 years in Poland as head of construction, and finally 3 years as CEO of HB Reavis in Hungary. For the last 4 years, I have lived abroad with my whole family.

Over the years, I have managed the preparation and construction of more than 450,000 m2 of office buildings (including the tallest building in the EU) and fit-outs and more than 200,000 m2 of industrial and retail space.

Who contacted you for re-signing the contract with K4?
I was in contact with Jiří Švestka all the time and about a year ago I talked to CEO Vladimír Pacek. It was a good moment for both sides to start cooperating again. After my departure from Hungary, my family and I decided what to do next. We chose from several options, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, but in the end, it made the most sense for me to go back to where I started :)


What is your responsibility within the new brand K4 SPACE?

I am in charge of the overall preparation and development of the concept. Although there is something to build on. K4 has extensive experience in architecture, design, and construction management of interiors. So my job is to put the pieces together and sell them to customers. I believe that there will be interest in the market. K4 SPACE will focus more on Design & Build solutions for the implementation of interiors, so the synergy within other K4 services is important.

Surely you have come up with a slogan for K4 SPACE, are you so interested in something that you 100% identify with it?
Yes, I like this the most: "Let your space is always FIT and never OUT". I think this captures K4 SPACE perfectly.

Do you have anything in mind that you would like to end this little chat with?
I've always enjoyed creating, learning, and trying new things. K4 SPACE is a great opportunity to continue. I'm learning a lot of new things about business and marketing (definitely on a different scale than at a former company :). And I believe that not only me but also K4 will bring new opportunities and development.